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Acorn-fed pure Iberian ham 16.20 €
Patatas bravas with foamy aioli and spicy tomato sauce 5.20 €
Coal-smoked Cantabrian anchovies with semi-dried tomatoes 9.70 €
Marennes-Oléron oyster dressed with cucumber ice cream, lemon peel and Arbequina olive oil 7.70 €
Foie-gras, sweet and sour stir-fried bread,pear and cardamom ice cream 9.40 €
Low-temperature egg with Iberian ham and sobressada, Parmentier potatoes, mature Gouda and rocket 6.10 €
“Broken eggs” with Iberian cured meats 6.60 €
Andalusia-style squid with lemongrass aioli 8.80 €
Tinned cockles sautéed with green garlic, ginger and lychees 10.80 €
Deep-fried whitebait cone with dried fruit and garlic powder 5.90 €
Tuna tartare with cured egg yolk, lime, green onion, sesame and wasabi 11.40 €
Mini Thai sausage burger 5.50 €
Iberian bacon, mushrooms, prawns and rosemary Yakisoba 8.80 €
Stewed octopus with De la Vera paprika, potato with Arbequina olive oil and beech smoke 10.80 €
Venere rice with gorgonzola, grilled lobster, nuts and rocket 9.40 €
Brothy aged Carnaroli rice with foie gras and shrimp 10.60 €
Steak tartare with mustard ice cream and pickled vegetables 11.20 €
Barbecued Iberian pork tail and deboned sparerib meat with vanilla chickpea Parmentier 15.20 €
Beef royal with Thai-style beef tendons 8.60 €
Toasted Folguerolas coca with tomatoes and olive oil 2.80 €
** The menus could change as we use fresh seasonal products
Our selection of cheeses 7.40 €
Coconut with yogurt, lemon and green apple 6.10 €
Chocolate textures with coffee, cocoa, toffee and licorice 6.10 €
Carrat Bauma mousse, honey ice cream and pine nut brittle 6.10 €
Mascarpone ice cream reminiscent of tiramisú 6.60 €
Brioche French toast with vanilla and candied orange textures 6.60 €

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From PARK HOTEL BARCELONA you can discover Born Quarter with Picasso Museum, Santa María del Mar Church and take a stroll around the Gothic Quarter.

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