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Hotel 5 estrellas ABaC Barcelona

Book 24h +34 933 196 000

Tapas - Tradition Meets Modernity

Ten's offers tapas and side dishes true to the philosophy of ABaC; tradition and modernity in equal measure. Jordi Cruz defines them as “Uncomplicated creations, packed with flavour and impact. The tapas are adventurous in the spirit of ABaC, without going over the top and are exquisitely prepared. Aside from the set tapas, there are the weekly and spontaneous specials which offer more complexity. The idea is one of an orchestra where the excellent “patatas bravas” – always in their skins, or “calamares a la andaluza” play permanently and invite an exclusive ABaC guest star to play each week; such as the Cherry Ceviche or the Figs with Foie Gras. Generous portions, quality produce and inspired creativity are all offered on a plate at a good price.”

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